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Tiburon Design Automation (Tiburon-DA) provides Verilog-A/MS simulation module that is easily integrated into analog simulators. The module implements the Accellara Verilog-A 2.3 standard and generates compiled code that achieves simulation speeds comparable to C-based models, allowing designers to develop complex analog models more quickly and with less effort, while maintaining simulation performance and capabilities. Simple or complex analog models, ranging from behavioral models to transistor level compact models, can be implemented in Verilog-A and distributed to end-users in either source or compiled form.

Design Kits

2.10.062013 Angelov GaAs and GaN models

The latest Angelov GaAs and GaN models are available in Agilent ADS Design Kit format for ADS 2011.05 and later releases. Examples are included in the kit. Installation instructions.

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